Titanfall Resolution Wars Continue
Well, here it is, folks. The time of reckoning, the day of no return, the point in which honest Herb lays out the truth bomb, and boy what a truth bomb it is: Turns out, Titanfall is only 792p on the Xbox One. It's not even up for debate. Truth-fact. Truth-bomb. Fanboys just got atomized. Digital Foundry picked apart the resolution like a hungry, starving, homeless man picks meat from a pig's roasted bone, and they found that the 792p was well and intact for the Xbone for the launch of the game. In fact, Respawn Entertainment's lead engineer dropped that bit of info to clarify the point, making it known that the team will be working hard to hit that glorious 1080p full HD buffer (if they can) post-launch. Whether or not that comes true remains to be a mystery in the stars, but let's hope that that truth befalls us like coke befalls Charlie Sheen; we need it... badly.

Witcher 3 Delayed
Oh man, you were really looking forward to seeing eighth-gen boobs in full HD, eh? Well, you better put that fap gear away and hope it can wait for a little extra because The Witcher 3 has been delayed. On the upside, while you wait to see some full HD boobies in The Witcher 3, you can play a real challenging game in Dark Souls II. Gaming Blend's own Ryan Winslett managed to get in some cajones-busting gameplay with the Bandai Namco's Dark Souls II and had an absolute blast. The best part about it was that he came out with his manhood intact, so he's still primed and ready to enjoy those full HD boobies in The Witcher 3 next year.

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