Battlefield: Hardline Is A Bad Idea
Well, things are starting to look not-so-good for EA and Battlefield: Hardline, according to DICE. EA Sports UFC gets some review reactions from the gaming press. It's been revealed that Destiny won't be 60fps on the PS4 or Xbox One due to being cross-gen. Gaming Blend's Katy Goodman explains why Sunset Overdrive is the perfect game for the masses. We had some live footage from the North American Red Bull championship Battle Grounds event. Minecraft gets some sexy new skins from Killer Instinct. Freedom Wars might be the one game that that finally saves the PS Vita. There's also a Team Fortress 2 short-film you'll definitely want to check out.

Mass Effect 4 Shows Up On Amazon
Mass Effect 4 shows up on Amazon. But you might not want to get too excited just yet. Gaming Blend's Ryan Winslett gets in some talk time with the creative leads behind Sunset Overdrive. Unity 4.3 is now available for the PS4. A new Battlefield: Hardline extended beta is on the way. New research reports indicate that mobile spending will hit $28 million in 2016. Over in Japan the PS4 continues to lose ground to both Mario Kart 8 and the Wii U. And Rockstar has delayed the heists for GTA 5's online mode, once again.

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