7 Big Things About Tales From Borderlands
Gaming Blend's Katy Goodman managed to get some chat-time with the minds behind Tales From The Borderlands and rolled out 7 big things you need to know before you play. The team at Sony jumped for joy when Microsoft finally lowered the price of the Xbox One and removed Kinect. Good news for people who still enjoy Computer & Videogames... they're not closing down just yet. An outpouring of support will keep them alive just until December. We find out more about Halo 5's multiplayer and how it won't be like Call of Duty. inFamous First Light gets its release date leaked, courtesy of the PlayStation Store.

Handheld Gamecube Costs $1350
This handheld Gamecube device will cost you $1350. Netgear unveiled a brand new router that's unbelievably powerful and worth checking out if you have some extra coin to spend, it's called a Nighthawk X6.Guess what? Halo 2's resolution might not be 1080p on the Xbox One when it comes time for launch. Ouch. New bosses have been revealed for Hearthstone via screenshots. Some brand new skins for Minecraft on the Xbox 360 have launched. New source code from GTA V has revealed some extra missions beyond just heisting.

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