Battlefield: Hardlined Gets leaked
It's hard to keep anything a secret these days, and Battlefield: Hardlined is just another in a long line of leaked games due for announcement soon. An interesting video emerges that showcases how hackers disrupted the Los Angeles traffic infrastructure, just like in Watch Dogs. More than 16 minutes of gameplay has emerged for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, giving gamers plenty absorb for the last-gen game. Altitude0 is seeking votes on Greenlight, and is well worth checking out if you have a few clicks to spare. Gaming Blend's Ryan Winslett managed to get in some review time with Monochroma, but the results are less than satisfactory. Nintendo announces additional Best Buy demos for Super Smash Bros this year, and Blizzard is selling beta keys for the upcoming Heroes of the Storm.

Wii U Beats The Crap Out Of PS4
Think about a curb stomp; now think about an epic curb stomp; now think about an epic curb stomp on steroids. That last one is what the Wii U did the PS4 in Japan. The sales game isn't over with yet, and Nintendo's little Wii U that could is showing that it can. Additionally, new details have emerged for Hitman 6 and EA rolled out new promo material for The Sims 4. If you're having trouble unlocking multiplayer in Watch Dogs, this guide helps with that. Additionally, you can find out if Watch Dogs works better on the PS4 or Xbox One with Digital Foundry's new performance analysis. Also, a new Harvest Moon is on the way for the Nintendo 3DS and Sony will be broadcasting their E3 2014 conference live at local movie theaters.

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