Watch Dogs Release Date Set
After several big delays and a mysterious push-back of the Wii U version, Ubisoft has finally announced a finalized release date for Watch Dogs on the old-gen consoles, the new-gen consoles and PC. It's set for May 27th, just three days before Mario Kart 8 launches for the Wii U. Watch Dogs will bring all the hacktion that you could want. However, it's coming at a cost. The game will be running at full HD on the PS4 at 1080p and only partial HD on the Xbox One at 960p. The game has also undergone some measure of significant downgrades from its illustrious presentation at E3 two years ago. Whether or not gamers will take to this downgrade well or not remains to be seen, but they have a few months to decide whether or not to keep those pre-orders intact. ”Weekly
Destiny Trading Cards Detailed
The week gets started with some big news regarding bonus trading cards made available in Destiny. The trading cards help players unlock special goods and abilities in Bungie's upcoming first/third-person shooter. It's a nice touch to help keep the MMO shooter on the radar as Titanfall has been owning up lately, especially with the 15 deathmatch maps revealed thanks to a leak featuring images of the maps.

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