Batman Arkham Knight Announced
This game kind of came out of the middle of nowhere, but everyone is deeply excited for it. Batman Arkham Knight marks the end of the Arkham series by Rocksteady games, and it's a game that's expected to be five-times larger than Batman: Arkham City. The title also introduces the ability to control the batmobile for the very first time in a Rocksteady game. Pretty awesome, eh? To help hammer home that point there was a snazzy new cinematic trailer released that you have to see to enjoy.

Uncharted 4's Director Leaves Naughty Dog
It was a surprising piece of news and came completely out of left field, but Amy Hennig, the driving force behind Naughty Dog's Uncharted series has left the studio. The studio may be losing a legend, but they're replacing her with two equally talented individuals who helped head up development and direction for The Last of Us. Now the only question is if Uncharted 4 will deliver in the way that the previous three games did.

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