Xbox One Drops To $399, Goes Kinect-Free
This happened a heck of a lot sooner than anyone anticipated. Microsoft decided to bite the bullet and get rid of Kinect in order to compete with Sony and the PS4. The move has caused some analysts to believe that the Xbox One will surpass the PS4 in sales in 2015. However, that's going to be difficult when games like Watch Dogs still show that the PS4 is still the bigger powerhouse. If resolution and frame-rate aren't your cup of tea, there's always a bunch of oldies but goodies that Nintendo is offering up at discounted prices for their platforms.

Sims 4 Character Trailer Sparkles
EA and Maxis Software released the very first character-creation trailer for The Sims 4, detailing how they've completely overhauled the system to something far more intuitive, intelligent and easy for the average user. EA was in a giving mood as far as promotional trailers go, as a new Bruce Lee gameplay trailer became available as well for the upcoming EA Sports UFC. A new expansion pack has launched for Neverwinter, the MMO, and Watch Dogs' creative director has taken to the internet to defend the graphics and settings downgrade for the home console version of Ubisoft's upcoming game. Oh, and one last bit of EA news: Titanfall's latest bit of DLC has been dated.

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