Ever since LittleBigPlanet's delay last week, nobody's been quite sure when the title is coming out. Some lucky gamers managed to get a copy last week before the stores pulled them, while everybody else seems left in the dark. Sony simply said it would be out within the next few weeks.

Personally, I purchased my copy of LittleBigPlanet this afternoon. I bought it at my local GameStop, after having called several other places who call claimed it wasn't out, but they each gave separate dates as to when it would be available.

It would seem that some GameStops are only selling to reserve customers, and others are just selling it to whoever walks in. Best Buy will probably start selling their copies either Monday or Tuesday, while Blockbuster just does whatever it is Blockbuster does (some Blockbuster locations have been renting the game out.) So if you're bored this weekend, it's worth checking out a few game stores to see if you can get your copy.

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