Gaming systems tend to get slimmer with each new model but in the case of the DS, it's actually about to get fatter. Today Nintendo announced the DSi LL, with a wider screen and overall larger build than the normal DSi.

The DSi LL's two screens are 4.2 inches across, a far cry from the 3.2 inch screen of the DSi and the 3 inch screen of the DS Lite. This obviously means it's a bit heavier and wider as well. Despite the bigger screen, it has a battery life of 13-17 hours on lowest brightness, which is a bit higher than the DSi (but less than the Lite). The DSi LL will ship with two styluses, one of the traditional size and the other closer to a pen in size.

Like the DSi, the DSi LL has a slot for SD memory cards instead of Game Boy Advance games. This means you won't be able to play games that use the GBA slot as a peripheral but on the other hand, you've got access to the DSi Store and all of the downloadable apps/games available there. The LL will ship with two brain training games as well as DS Easy Dictionary.

Japanese stores will receive the DSi LL on November 21st for 20,000 yen (roughly $219). Nintendo told VG247 earlier this morning that the European release is slated for the first quarter of 2010. It will be priced slightly higher in that territory and be sold under the name "DSi XL". No North American release has been announced yet, but considering how well the DS still sells around here, you'd expect the DSi LL to drag its fat ass over here, too.

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