Anyway, Arnold's criticism is correct. The “anonymous dev” nitpicking on the Wii U's kit as a pre-release development module seems a little silly. I mean, everyone and their mother was telling everyone else that it wasn't fair to compare dev cycles for the Xbox One based on the early development kits because they weren't finalized (even though the PS4 didn't suffer the same problems as the Xbox One). The difference is that there were a lot of excuses for the Xbox One and a lot of hate for Nintendo's Wii U.

Christopher goes on to the juicy parts, writing...
“Wii U game development takes the same amount of work and attention as a Xbox 360 or PS3 game development. They've done their process of making their API understandable and useful to seasoned programmers. Wii U development = any other game console development time.”

“That's what it's been like for me developing, and I've been pushing my PC harder than my Wii U during development also. That's all I have to say on the subject of Eurogamer's clickbait article. They titled it to stir up the Nintendooom wheel again.”

Dang, that was some epic truth right there.

Not only is it truth, but Arnold's statements are corroborated by multiple industry veterans, specialists and developers alike.

Software engineer Francisco Javier Ogushi Dominguez wrote to great length about the Wii U's compute shader capabilities, as well as extending reasoning for the systems capabilities beyond the proposed doom-and-gloom limits propagated by certain other publishers.

One of the developers releasing an e-shop game soon for the Wii U spent a couple of months porting his game from mobile devices to the Wii U, and he claimed to have no problems working on the hardware. Since he's under NDA his name and the game won't be revealed, but he did mention that his only hurdle with the system was basically just getting registered as a developer under Nintendo. He's also confirmed that “Doing something special on the graphics is not on my priorities.” But he hasn't had any major trouble getting the game up and running on the Wii U, opposite of what the anonymous developer was saying regarding basic coding functions.

On the higher end of the spectrum, Slightly Mad Studios confirmed that the Wii U would be making use of higher end graphics features and multi-threaded shadow support. This is also followed by Teku Studios acknowledging DX11 equivalent graphics support for the Wii U along with Unity Technology's CEO David Helgason also confirming that the Wii U would make use of the latest shader models provided in the Unity Engine.

Arnold, however, offers up some wise advice regarding the Wii U's struggles, saying...
“Wii U is struggling because of lack of 3rd party, 3rd party needs to make the move first. Stop playing coy and hop into bed already. ;)”

“That's it on the subject. I hope that series of tweets covers the opinions of mine on the topic of Wii U development. No more questions pls.”

I couldn't agree more. Now who's ready to jump into bed with the Big 'N'?

As for Christopher F. Arnold, I certainly won't be pestering him about the article or the Wii U, since I'll be too busy chowing down Doritos and coming up with a clickbait Xbox One headline.

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