There are three types of people who played Killer 7 out there—those who loved it, those who hated it, and those who were dressed up like Elvis and took out a gun and drawled, “This ain’t no good,” before they shot the screen with a pistol. For all those who loved it, this article’s for you. For all those hated it, go away. And for all those who were dressed up like Elvis, you may have a bigger problem on your hands than video game addiction.

Then again, there’s actually a fourth type of gamer out there that I forgot to mention—the gamer who didn’t play it (and judging by how little it made, that’s a lot of you out there). If you didn’t, though, no matter, as the follow up, No More Heroes for the Wii (follow-up, because it’s the latest project from Goichi Suda) looks to play nothing like its predecessor.

Starring an anime nerd named Travis Touchdown who waves around a light saber (Oh, sorry, Beam Katana), the story is much wackier than the film nourish Killer 7, and might even have a crazier story to boot. After winning his weapon off an online auction, Travis thinks the next logical step is to become an assassin (obviously). In a very animated setting similar to the West Coast, Travis goes on assignments and kills for money.

Not much else is known about the game other than that you use the Wii-mote controller to swing around as your saber, a la Red Steel, and that the game relies heavily on action.

Aww, and I was hoping it was all going to take place in some wheelchair bound guy’s head. The game is set for release in Japan on June 22nd.

If you need to brush up on your Suda gaming history, you can check out the following retailers that carry the infamous Killer 7:
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