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Will Wright, the venerable game legend, is going to be inducted into the BAFTA fellowship. Yeah, this is a video game news site and BAFTA is traditionally a movie and television affair. But that’s exactly why this news is so special. Will Wright is the first recipient of the Fellowship from the video games industry, making yet another great stride in bringing gamesinto the mainstream.

The honor is the highest accolade the Academy can bestow upon an individual, and Will Wright is the perfect choice to kick what we hope is a long line of video game Fellows in BAFTA. Wright is responsible for transcending video games from a niche hobby to a worldwide phenomenon with his god games. The Sims is a game that gamers know as the series everyone, including their mothers, plays constantly. Wright joins such luminaries as Alfred Hitchcock and Charlie Chaplin. And like those pioneers, Wright has made a tremendous impact not only on his field of work, but also on the general populace.

“Will’s immense, creative body of work and his continued contribution to the industry make him a most worthy recipient of the Fellowship and being such a pioneer, we are thrilled that he will be the first person to receive this honour,” said Hilary Bevan Jones, Chairman of the Academy, in a statement today.

We couldn’t agree more. Will Wright’s vision of what gaming can be has inspired developers and players alike for more than 20 years. At this very moment he is hard at work with his team to create Spore, a game that is as visionary as it is technically impressive. It’s this vast amount of talent that has earned Wright a Fellowship in BAFTA.

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