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Gamers finally have access to Witcher 2 footage that doesn't look like ass. Today CD Projekt Red released an official trailer and unlike the leaked footage that hit the Internet last year, it wasn't filmed with a camcorder.

The trailer gives some insight into the storyline with a subtitled opening: "The Order's rebellion has been quelled. King Foltest has been saved from a mysterious assassin, yet dramatic events ensue in spite of the King's salvation. The Northern Kingdoms will soon be plunged into chaos."

What's that all mean? Who knows. My memory of the first game's storyline is a blur of monsters and naked women. The in-game footage looks pretty great, though. We get a brief glimpse of that squid fight from the leaked footage and man does it look better in HD.

No release date has been announced yet. CD Projekt has said in the past that the game is being prepped for PC and consoles.

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