It's extremely rare that a game goes into an open-alpha stage. Usually, the development process sees an alpha version, a dark phase of public announcements, and then a re-emerging with an open (or closed) beta. But who am I to argue with independent developer, Wolfire? If they want to do an open-alpha they can do an open-alpha, and if your PC/Mac is up to it, you're invited too.

Running on the brand spanking new Phoenix Engine, Overgrowth is the sequel to the highly acclaimed indie title, Lugaru (pronounced Loo-GAH-roo). It's a strange action-adventure game that houses some of the best gameplay mechanics for a fighting system, ever, period. The mechanics are all physics-based, and offer gamers a unique take on the fighting-game genre. Moves are not performed nor countered in confusing, massively-long buttoned combinations or alternative key configurations. It's all done with common-sense and a little timing. Seriously, the Phoenix Engine kicks major butt.

Wolfire is currently developing Overgrowth and keeping track of said development in their Official Online Blog. You can check out updates and info on the latest progress of the game, and if you feel like getting in on some of the action, you can participate in the open-alpha of the game by visiting the Official Overgrowth Website. For those of you who are still absolutely clueless as to what the game is about or how it's played, feel free to check out a video of the game below. It's still a huge work in progress, hence the alpha version. But it looks like it's coming along nicely. Be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for more news and information on the latest gaming titles.

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