One of the leading online war-games publishers,, announced today that tank lovers the world around will be able to get their fill of armored tank combat in the upcoming MMO, World of Tanks. The game has already been in development for a while and is scheduled to go live in the fall of 2010.

According to the press release, Victor Kislyi, CEO of, commented that…
"A wise gentleman once observed that men had the same relationship to tanks, as women to SPA treatments: an all-eclipsing love, hardwired into the genes," … "That's why we are coming up with Panzer MMO."

That’s an interesting analogy. Nevertheless, the game will sport thousands of part and gun combinations that will allow players to individualize their tank. There’s even an option to stock pile tanks and parts and switch between them using the in-game garage and crew system.

If you’re really into blowing stuff up and utilizing more than 40 tons of steel punishing power, then you’ll probably enjoy World of Tanks. You can check out some of the key features below or visit the Official Website for more information.

Key Features:
• Action-packed 30-vs-30 PvP Tank battles
• Mixture of Action, Strategy, Simulation and MMORPG genres
• 150 Vehicles, thousands of upgrades
• Unprecedented global Clan Wars

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