MMO’s are going to be the downfall of gamers: No time to shower, no time to work, and no time to procreate...except on WoW. Blizzard’s Warcraft series has always been a hallmark for PC gaming, but at seven million subscribers and counting, Wow is just unstoppable. Burning Crusade will prolong the gameplay factors for World of Warcraft even further. Almost seems unimaginable, eh?

Given the January 17th, 2007 release, though, gamers will still need something to tide them over until Burning Crusade hits store shelves. So you can check out this new trailer that’s recently been released. Yet for those who don't know what the Burning Crusade is all about: The expansion pack will include new weapons, items, classes (Blood Elves), environments, spells, crafting, battlegrounds and dungeons. Burning Crusade will also feature a new cap for level 70 – which should be a relief for persistent players, but it’s still far off from the near level 200 cap on Anarchy Online. Added to all of this, are new enemies that players will face off against in the scarred Orcish homeland of Draenor. World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade will retail for the suggested retail price of $39.95.

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