Development of StarCraft II began in 2003 but it's still not out yet. One of the reasons for the lengthy development, according to Blizzard, is World of Warcraft.

"One of the reasons that StarCraft II had some delays very early on in development is because a fair amount of the design team went onto World of Warcraft for a year to really help finish that game off," Blizzard Vice President of Design Rob Pardo told Eurogamer. "They had a lot of really great experience to bring, with their knowledge of how they approached the map editor problems, how they dealt with balancing - which we could then leverage into class balancing."

Nonetheless, Pardo says that the game's development has been relatively smooth. "It's been a long project for sure, but if you look at say World of Warcraft, or Warcraft III - or even the original StarCraft - there was a halfway point where we took a dramatic left turn and took a different direction. We haven't done that with Starcraft II."

A multiplayer beta is set to begin sometime this summer. Details on signing up can be found here.

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