Finally, after all the waiting and knowing it was just around the corner comes Ikaruga. The classic Japanese shooter was long rumored to be on the to Xbox Live Arcade, and despite some unofficial leaks that this was the week Microsoft was keeping mum. Until today, which is a good day to announce that the game is truly coming!

Yay for vertical scrolling shooters with something more to offer than big sprite bosses. Ikaruga uses a polarity system where you have to flip your ship to the right setting in order to damage enemies or protect yourself from blasts. It’s not a hard concept to grasp once you’re playing, trust me. And this is one game that is not flooding the Arcade system. In fact, more of this type of game is what I’m looking for.

You can pick up Ikaruga at 9am this Wednesday for 800 Microsoft Points. Also a few new environments and puzzles are going up for Poker Smash!.

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