Think you could make a game that out-does Gears of Wars visual supremacy? Think you could engineer a physics system that out-classes Ageia’s PhysX? How about a racing simulator with better handling than Forza? Well, here’s your chance. Microsoft has announced the release of XNA Game Studio Express and the official Creators Club membership.

The actual XNA Game Studio Express software and tools are available online, for FREE, at the Official Website for XNA. Computer users with Windows XP (and enough horsepower under their plastic PC hood) can power-up XNA and start making games. Featuring the easy-to-use Visual C# 2005 Express Edition and Microsoft .NET Compact Framework, gamers keen on exploring their creative side can start making games with ease.

The press release also indicates an extra special treat for XNA users, “...To coincide with the release of XNA Game Studio Express, XNA supporter GarageGames has launched an open beta for its Torque X platform, including Torque Game Builder. Based on the XNA Framework, the easy-to-use Torque X tools bring drag-and-drop game development to Windows and Xbox 360. Final availability of the Torque X platform is scheduled for early 2007.”

Gamers can also pick up their copy of XNA’s Creators Club membership over Xbox Live Marketplace. After you’re done making your game and want to distribute it (possibly for a price) you’ll need the Creators Club membership, which has a four-month price-tag of $49 (U.S.) or $99 (U.S.) for an annual subscription. The annual subscription actually isn’t a bad deal, if you know how to market and distribute your own game. But the four-month membership fee is equivalent to the Xbox 360 Core system...need I say more?

If you’re game, you can also enter a new contest Microsoft has started in celebration of XNA’s official GSE release. You can visit the Official Contest page for more details and information.

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