In a recent survey by Lottay, it appears the Wii love just isn’t fading anytime soon. The Wii was at the top of the wish list (and this was even including non-product wishes) and it was wished for twice as much as the Xbox 360 and PS3, combined.

The recent Game Crazy survey revealed that tweens and teens were all gung-ho for a DSi, PS3 and Wii. Well, the Lottay survey reveals that DSi and PS3s aren’t all that loved among adult men and women as much as the Nintendo Wii and its accessories.

According to Harry Lin, CEO of Lottay, he commented in the press release, saying…
“A Lottay wish list doesn’t restrict you to choosing merchandise from a catalog. You can wish for anything you want,” ... “That freedom opens up a lot of doors and a lot of creativity for the wisher. As a result, we’re finding that a growing number of people want something more than the latest ‘it’ product. They want love, world peace and the occasional mani-pedi.”

World peace and love is nice and all but those things won’t get you in shape or let you practice yoga. That’s why 62 percent of the participants wished for a product and not love/peace/etc. And do you know what the top-product was on that wish list? Yep, a Nintendo Wii.

This is just another survey indicating that there will be an obvious trend in purchasing methods this holiday season and it doesn’t include the PS3 and Xbox 360 topping the sales the charts.

You can check out the details of the survey below or visit the Official Lottay Website for further details on the wishlist survey they conducted. In the meantime I’m going to add an extra coating of flame resistance to my new level 100 flame-shield. Enjoy.

Lottay Survey Details:
• Top product wishes – Nintendo Wii, Wii games and accessories. The Wii and Wii-related gear are wished for twice as much as Sony and Xbox 360 combined.
• Runner-up product wishes – iPods, followed by cameras and boots. Ugg’s are the most popular shoe that is specifically named in wishes.
• Top experience wishes – Travel to France, Disneyland and Las Vegas.
• Runner-up experience wishes – Cash for use towards shopping, the holidays or hobbies. Massages came in third, and 2.5 percent of wishers want puppies.
• Top wishes (women) – Cash as a gift, Nintendo Wii, travel and vacations, massage, iPod, boots.
• Top wishes (men) – Travel, cash as a gift, love and sky diving (tied), iPod, Nintendo Wii, a car.
• Oddest wishes – A cow, a monkey, a hookah, Satan—all of which were given one time, each. Surprisingly, Satan only cost $200, according to the person who gave him.

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