So they’re out already, but maybe you’ve been questioning whether you really want them. But really think about it, Xbox 360 Faceplates are expensive, so why not just go on and make your own with Nyko’s custom faceplate creation tool-set? And while you’re at it, you can amp up your 360 experience with the Intelligent Remote.

The Nyko Xbox 360 Game Face Customizable Faceplate Kit isn’t a necessary accouterment for your gaming experience. However, the faceplate craze for the Xbox 360 has lead to some pretty neat custom plates and has almost turned into a hobby for video game hobbyist, which is a little weird when you think about it. Anyway, gamers endowed with artistic skill or who just want a custom faceplate for their 360, can’t go wrong with Nyko’s custom kit. And hey, it’s a lot cheaper than buying a dozen different faceplates.

With the custom kit gamers will also receive a CD (for MAC and PC) that allows you to design your own creations and print them out on the blank faceplate covers. As you can see, you can throw together some nifty designs with the custom kit and it’s so easy to use that even a blind monkey can design a kick-butt faceplate. And there’s enough blank faceplate covers to last any gamer for quite a well. Nyko’s Xbox 360 Custom Faceplate Design Kit retails for around $27.99.

As for the Intelligent’s a dozy. If you already have one then you know what I mean. But if you’re having a tough time getting the most out of your entertainment experience because each device requires one too many remotes, the Nyko Intelligent Remote could solve your problems. It allows gamers to access not only their Xbox 360 and DVD content with it, but you can also intelligently use the remote for other devices as well, including your television. All I have to say is, “Learning keys” kick butt. Well, I’ll have to say a little more than that, because otherwise you won’t know what I’m talking about. Basically the “Learning keys” allow gamers to point any remote device toward the Intelligent Remote and program or add in the key functions of another remote into the Intelligent Remote. So if you want the I. Remote to record/play/browse using your VCR/DVD/DVDR, etc., it’s all possible. The thing is simply amazing. Interested? Well you can check out Nyko’s Intelligent Remote for the Xbox 360 for the suggested price of $19.99.

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