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Instead of hovering in the corner of a cold basement while trying to avoid pestering relatives at Thanksgiving, Microsoft is graciously bestowing upon the world yet another Xbox LIVE Arcade title. The first of another 100 games is Undertow, a watery first person shooter. Fast paced underwater battles in a single story mode, as well as online multiplayer will be far superior to having your cheeks pinched. Undertow supports up to 16 players for a multiplayer session, so you can save your friends as well.

If you’d rather take a separate tactic and distract the enemy – or, uh…your aunt – then Microsoft has you covered there. Enchant them with some of those casual games the hip kids at Bingo have been talking about. Starting at 12:01 am on November 21st titles on MSN Games will be 50% off. If you must, give the hapless “gamer” a defunct Wii Remote and tell them they’re Wii games. No one needs to know the truth as you stretch out in front of the 60 in television with apple pie, ice cream, and Call of Duty 4.

Undertow will be available for download on Wednesday, November 21st for 800 MS Points.

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