Microsoft revealed the Xbox Live Deal of the Week today and it's none other than Episode 1 of Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. The game will be half price on Xbox Live for the rest of the week.

Penny Arcade Adventures is an RPG/adventure game set in the Lovecraftian steampunk city of New Arcadia. The game starts with the player character's home being leveled by a giant robot known as Fruit Fucker Prime. Our homeless protagonist must then accompany Tycho and Gabe, main characters of the gaming web comic Penny Arcade and paranormal investigators in the game world, on a journey to put a stop to this mechanical menace.

You can now pick the game up for 800 Microsoft Points ($10) instead of the usual 1600 ($20). Good choice for the Deal of the Week, considering that most criticism of the game was leveled specifically at the price. It was originally released on Xbox Live in May 2008 and is also available for the PS3 and PC.

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