If you seen Avatar in 3D and thought it looked cool but don’t care much for all the expensive tech attached to seeing things “pop out” briefly on screen, then you probably won’t care much for this little announcement from XpanD about their new universal 3D glasses. At this year’s IFA, tech developer XpanD revealed new glasses that work with any 3D-ready, stereoscopic HDTV.

XpanD CEO Maria Costeira commented in the press release, saying…
“This is the moment the consumer electronics and retail worlds have been waiting for; the moment where the consumer can simply enjoy their favorite 3D movie, video game or television show in their home, at their friend’s home, in the office and even in the cinema without worrying about whether they have the right combination of 3D-ready equipment,” … “We continue to lead the global 3D revolution with our Universal 3D Glasses.”

This means that so long as you have a TV that supports 3D and you plop these glasses on you’ll be able to witness all the stereoscopic 3D-goodness from all those upcoming PlayStation 3 games. Too bad Xbox fanboys can relish in the same anticipation given that they’ll be too busy wearing orange jumpsuits trying to get the fighter on-screen to punch correctly using Kinect.

Anyway, you can learn more about the different colors and the pricing of the new XpanD universal 3D glasses by visiting the Official Website.

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