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An interesting new racer by independent development studio, Kalitrom Games, is on the way and a brand new debut trailer was released. Zip Zoom Racer takes a whole new route on the arcade, casual racing genre by utilizing size as the prime gimmick of the race.

If that last statement left you confused I’ll explain: during the actual race players can alter their size to the benefit of suiting their vehicle to the track design. Still confused? Yeah, well that’s what the trailer is for. The game looks pretty cool but don’t expect any Forza Motorsport 3 style racing or Gran Turismo 5 style graphics. Fans of games like Micro Machines or Re-Volt might find this arcade racer to be fairly fun.

The game is definitely worth keeping an eye on if you want something a little different out of your casual racing experience. You can check out the new debut trailer below [via GameTrailers] or visit the Official Website for more info.

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