Remedy Entertainment is bringing Alan Wake's American Nightmare to the PC. The standalone adventure, initially released through Xbox Live Arcade, is now available for pre-purchase through Steam.

In American Nightmare, author Alan Wake is trying to hunt down his evil doppleganger, Mr. Scratch. He heads to the town of Night Springs, Arizona, which is being consumed by the same dark forces that attacked Bright Falls in the first Wake. The game's a third-person shooter with a twist; players have to use light to weaken enemies before finishing them off with more conventional weapons.

Nightmare introduces an arcade mode called Fight Till Dawn to add replayability. In Fight Till Dawn mode, Wake must fight off waves of enemies for ten minutes. The objective is to survive but also rack up as many points as possible. Killstreaks and narrow escapes will both add to your score. You unlock new maps and a new difficulty mode through this score. You can also compete with friends via online leaderboards.

Remedy bills Nightmare as a standalone experience. If you didn't play the original Alan Wake, you should be able to jump into this game and still enjoy yourself. Be warned, though; the story's filled to the brim with supernatural weirdness. Surreal detective show Twin Peaks is one of its main influences. As we note in our review, you could have trouble following the plot if you're new to the series.

The announcement of the PC Nightmare is accompanied by a couple discounts. The original Wake is now 50% cheaper on Steam until May 10th. If you own that game through Steam, the pre-purchase of Nightmare will cost 10% less.

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