This weekend a supposed God of War 4 trailer hit the Internet. Like everything with the words "God of War 4" in it, it's caused quite a stir. It's hard to believe for a second that it's real, though.

The trailer - or rather, the camcorder footage of the trailer - shows a few grainy, gray shots of...I don't know, the underworld? A voice says something about a Phoenix drinking blood and ends by telling his brother to wake up. PlayStationGang says that the voice is talking to Kratos, which would mean the speaker is his brother Deimos.

The first red flag occurs before the actual trailer starts. An ESRB rating shows up, designating this game as Mature. However, the ESRB hasn't rated the game yet. If they did, you'd see it on their website. They actually have a habit of leaking games' existence before the companies formally announce them.

Second, the voiceover doesn't sound like it's entirely in English. Or, if it is, it's broken English or mumbled a lot. I mean, damn, if you're going to make a fake trailer, at least try to polish up your script a bit.

There's little doubt that Sony will make - or is making - a fourth God of War. I think we can all agree on that. I think we can all agree that a series of GoW' stature deserves better forgeries, too.

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