If you're picking up games right now from Steam's massive summer sale and you find that maybe your gaming rig isn't up to par to play games in super-duper-high-quality-eye-bleedingly-good-graphics mode, then you might want to pick up a new video card while they're marked down to ridiculously low prices.

AnandTech is reporting that gamers and enthusiasts alike can pick up some AMD cards right now at marked down prices, including Radeon HD 7770 that goes for $159.99 for the low-low price of $119.99. Not bad, eh?

You can check out the actual charts for the mark-downs below.

That HD 7750 looks mighty tempting at the $99 price point. You really can't argue with that given that it'll give you a hefty boost in both performance and gameplay stability, so not only will you be able to exercise some schmexy graphics, you'll actually be able to play it at moderate framerates.

According to Anandtech, the sales are nice but there's something missing: the 7970 Ghz Edition. The card is rumored to debut sometime before the year is out and will be a direct competitor to the card that's been stealing all the media-attention thunder since earlier this year, Nvidia's GeForce GTX 680, the super-duper-secret video card that Epic Games used to debut the next-iteration of the Unreal Engine 4 during this year's Game Developers Conference. What's more is that I don't think you could get any more hype for a card than debuting brand new software tech for brand new hardware, especially when Epic followed up the GDC teasers with an official, real-time unveiling of the Unreal Engine 4 running on one Nvidia GTX 680, which took place at this year's E3.

The 7970 Ghz Edition is supposed to rival the GTX 680, and will be able to support all the latest in middleware evolution that the Luminous and Unreal Engine have to offer. So if you're not keen on getting a card on a budget price and you have the cash to burn, you may want to wait for AMD's partners to unleash a final price-point for the 7970 so you can rock-out your rig with one of the most powerful cards coming to the market.

You can learn more about the summer deals for AMD cards as well as check out the cool pricing at various online retailers by visiting AnandTech.

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