GamePower 7 isn’t just about providing games to a region where gaming is not widely publicized but they’re also about branching out and giving gamers in middle-eastern regions titles they usually wouldn’t receive. Their latest game to hit the turmoil ridden middle-eastern territories is X-Kick, a soccer-based MMO.

Amer Totounji, Project Manager at Game Power 7 commented in the press release, saying…
"As Game Power 7 premiered with Arabic Rappelz, we took the challenge to be the first to release an Arabic MMO Sports. We are confident that this dynamic, full-of-action, 3D street football game will be the next football craze to hit the Arab Internet.. We are offering the game as Free to Play for life to allow all Arab football lovers to practice their hobby without breaking a sweat”

Too bad we don’t get many soccer MMOs over here in North America. Then again, we only seem to have an over-abundance of first-person shooter games when it comes to the online sector.

Anyway, the game sports customization features, a strong focus on team play, and various positions for each player to enact out while on the field. The game has already started its closed beta testing and will be free-to-play going into open beta this upcoming August. For more information on X-Kick be sure to visit the Official Game Power 7 Website.

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