It's important to rely on teammates during intense combat situations. In most games “teamwork” is a word viewed as a virus for failure; a word that brings contempt upon the faces of gamers like the word “partner” had no place in the dictionary of violence for someone like Rambo. Well, Bohemia Interactive doesn't know what a “Rambo” is and they make that especially known in the new multiplayer community video.

The video covers the tactics, communication and the shooting mechanics gamers should take into consideration when playing the multiplayer portion of the upcoming military simulator, Arma 3. There is no room for “Rambo”.

I'm sure there are plenty of Call of Duty gamers who just threw their hands up and stopped the video midway through. Sometimes taking away the ability to be a flightless Superman is the very thing that kills all the fun for people who just want to run and gun like it was a pixel-dominated 1992. Nevertheless, Bohemia reminds us that technology has come a long way since Doom and for those of you out there looking for more than just a cheap base-spawn kill streak they offer a nice journey through a rabbit whole of gameplay depth with Arma 3.

The game is currently in its alpha form but early access is provided to the community with pre-orders. The game is currently killing it on the Steam charts much in the same way that Arma 2 was dominating Steam this very same time last year thanks to Dean “Rocket” Hall and crew's DayZ mod.

You can learn more about Arma 3, the mods, the military simulation mechanics, the multiplayer and more by paying a kind visit to the game's Official Website.

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