With the election season in full swing and voting right around the corner, it means history is about to be made, one way or another. In the same way, the holiday season is about to hit full swing and that means that gamers may have to choose between two of the biggest console rivals in the history of gaming. Given the credit crunch, the financial fiasco, the economic exigency that we're in, it means that you may only have enough cash to buy one console this holiday, and if you already have a Wii, then you know that it will be a tough choice between a 360 and a PS3.

In actuality, gamers and voters can kill two birds with one stone by voting the way they purchase a game console, or by purchasing a game console the way they vote. To make this more clear, let’s look at it this way: Barack Obama is like the Xbox 360 and John McCain is like the PlayStation 3. Both are strong competitors with advantages in key areas, and both will change the way we, as individuals, interact with life by the time the new year springs up...for better or for worse.

The reason I state Barack as being equivalent to the Xbox 360, is because he’s bringing something new to politics, as a fresh politician. Much like Microsoft’s Xbox brand is still a toddler in the gaming industry. However, both the Xbox 360 and Barack have solidified their popularity with originality. The Xbox 360 was built on the Xbox brand of re-invented console shooters. Barack Obama is all about bringing “change” to Capital Hill. Barack is also about instituting new policies that may or may not go over well in our everyday lives, while the Xbox 360 is about to launch the NXE, which may or may not go over well in the everyday life of a gamer. Funny enough, Barack Obama also shares some of the same down-sides as Microsoft’s Xbox 360 game console; foreign policy comes to mind. Both Barack and the Xbox 360 are still unproven abroad. The Xbox brand still means little to nothing in Japan, and Barack Obama has little to no experience with foreign diplomacy. Perhaps, Obama’s reasons for advertising on Xbox Live weren’t all that left-fieldish after all. He is, as you can tell, a lot like the Xbox 360 (minus the red rings of doom).

John McCain is stated as being similar to the PS3 because it’s a third-generation powerhoue – it’s built on the plateau of success that was established by a very strong PlayStation brand. Yes, John McCain also carries these kind of traits, with his respectable service in the United States Navy during the Vietnam war, as well as evolving into a fan-favorite politician back during the 2000, Presidential campaign for the Republicans. Both he and the PS3 have a powerful operation platform, and a strong following. He also seems to represent Republicans with policies that beckon people to take them as a “Trust me, I know what I’m doing” flair, much in the same way that Sony priced the PS3 with a “Trust me, we know what we’re doing” flair. McCain has proven that he knows how to get the job done, despite his underwhelming public approach and his often times “maverick” label. Coincidentally, this is quite similar to the PS3 and it’s bad media rep, despite being one of the best designed consoles ever made. Unlike his running mate, McCain has opted not to associate himself with video gaming. That’s too bad, because here at Blend Games, we took the liberty of doing it for him.

Which one will you choose?

I think it would suit the readers well to have a choice in voting for their favorite wannabe-President and their ideal console-of-choice for the holidays. So let’s do a quick comparison to see which one suits your political/gaming-style:

Given that the economy is in shambles, it would probably be favorable to most Americans to have a candidate elected President that establishes a cabinet who can actually help repair the economy. This is quite similar to choosing a game console that doesn’t cost more to maintain and play, than it does to enjoy it. In both cases, regarding finances, it’s all about getting the most for your buck.

McCain never really stood by middle and lower-class when going for tax-breaks, but he never really stood against them, either. It’s sort of like the PS3, which offers a wide range of casual PSN games, yet comes at the very steep price that – during this economic crises – would only suit consumers in the upper-echelon of America’s financial society. McCain also plans to institute tax-break policies on corporations that will help keep jobs in America, much like how the PS3 has many first-party developers working on its games to keep many development teams employed.

Alternatively, Barack plans to shake things up in American politics. Again, the similarity is shared with the Xbox 360's movie-rental and digital distribution service that was supposed to shake up the interactive media industry. Barack also plans to initiate a tax-break program for lower and middle-class households...in order to balance out the current economic imbalance that’s tipping the country upside down. The Xbox 360 recently was re-released for $199, making it ideal for lower and middle-class families. See the similitudes? They’re almost endless.

Finally, both Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain have sidekick running mates that match the very same counterparts of the Xbox 360 and PS3: While Barack Obama has running mate Joe Biden, the Xbox 360 has Zune. The similarity? No one cares about either counter-part. John McCain has Sarah Palin running alongside him as a potential Vice President, while the PS3 has the PSP-3000 as its running mate. The similarity? The PSP-3000 is a sleek and sexy device with some fun titles, but there’s some obvious issues when it comes to stability and functionality. Need I say more?

Time to vote!

The Presidential election is upon us, and the holiday season is about to begin. It’s time to take your elective to a pre-Presidential vote, and pick for your favorite.

Barack Obama Vs John McCain

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