Warner Bros Interactive and Netherrealm Studios have been working on a follow-up app to Rocksteady's critical and financial success, Batman: Arkham City. The new game is centered around Batman fighting his greatest foes in an iOS app.

Ed Boon, Creative Director, NetherRealm Studios commented in the press release, saying...
“We here at NetherRealm Studios are huge fans of Batman: Arkham City, and we were very excited to develop Batman: Arkham City Lockdown to extend the franchise experience to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch,” ... “The app delivers a different take on Batman gameplay in which players must combat against some of the fan favorite villains in Arkham City.”

The game features one-on-one, mano-a-mano fights between Batman and crims like The Joker, Two Face, Solomon Grundy, and a special iOS exclusive, DeathStroke, which is basically DC's cheap imitation of Marvel's DeadPool. The game itself is a bit of a mix of Arkham City meets Mortal Kombat, which actually seems to work quite well as a believable gameplay combination.

The new Lockdown app also makes use of next-gen mobile technology, including Airplay, which enables gamers to hook up their iPhone or iPad to a big screen TV and play games the way they were always meant to be played.

The BatmanL Arkham City Lockdon app is currently available for $5.99 on the iTunes App Store.

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