DICE has released a 60-second television spot for their upcoming shooter Battlefield 4. In the commercial, players talk about the favorite moments that they experienced in the game.

There are a lot of shooters out there to choose from. The case DICE is making to gamers with Battlefield 4 is that this game offers experiences that no other shooter can. No other shooter provides multiplayer battles this massive or with this much destruction. It's a sandbox in which these crazy "Battlefield moments" can occur.

Levolution, the silly buzz word to describe the new dynamic elements of the multiplayer maps, has a huge presence in the ad. We see the skyscraper in "Siege of Shanghai" toppling over for the umpteenth time. In another map, we see a battleship running ashore. These events have a definite effect on the course of a battle. The skyscraper's collapse kills any soldiers guarding the capture point on the roof and moves the point to the newly formed pile of rubble by the shore.

These moments are only a narrow part of the BF4 experience - you can only knock down the skyscraper once per match, after all. However, they're effective at conveying the basic point here: players have a huge amount of control over the environment in BF4. In addition to activating these huge set piece explosions, they can also rip apart the map piece by piece with gunfire and explosives. Players can also interact with the maps in less destructive ways, such as raising bollards on roads or activating shutters on a storefront's windows.

I really love how the advertisement is structured as a series of confessionals. One of the best parts about gaming is trading war stories, whether it's through forums or YouTube or chats with your friends. Jumping off out of a wrecked helicopter and blowing up a tank with a lucky RPG shot while you're floating down in a parachute is awesome. It's even better, though, if there's someone else who can share in that moment. It's smart of DICE and EA to recognize the social aspect of gaming in this commercial. Social interaction's clearly something they're striving for in the game as well through the Battlelog network.

Battlefield 4 is currently in open beta on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The beta allows access to the Conquest, Domination and Obliteration modes on the "Siege of Shanghai" map. DICE will be shutting down the test tomorrow in preparation for the game's launch later in the month. You can read more about the game by checking out our impressions of the beta.

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