One of the things a lot of gamers expected from the seventh generation of gaming were games centered around physics-based gameplay and combat. It was disheartening to find so many games with such a lacking focus on physics outside of anything from Team Ninja. Well, the Korean software development sector are advancing gaming whether the West wants to take notice or not. posted up a gallery of new videos featuring the jiggle, sway, shift and bounce of mass in motion from an upcoming game from NeowizCRS, tentatively titled Project Black Sheep.

The game has a strong focus on environmental destruction and using enemies as weapons. Throwing people around and into each other is just as important as throwing things at them. We also get to see how one of the characters just swings a guy around, cracking his head against and through the structures before flinging him off into the distance. It's pretty cool.

Then again, we've been seeing tech demos like this for years with very little in-game results, apart from devCat's Vindictus.

Neowiz is hoping to maintain that strong sense of physics-based gameplay as well as include top-notch graphics on top of that. In fact, the developers went on ahead and decided to extend the physics from the environments and enemies to the player characters as well. We get to see that they are using advanced mammary physical movement and gravity reactions, as well as intense structural shifts of the callipygian. In other words, there's a lot of booby and booty physics.

Hey, Korean developers are just as lonely as Japanese developers.

Still, the combat mechanics and graphics are exceptionally well done and of particularly high quality. If they can flesh out a full game around those kind of design mechanics with a well-rounded combat system and challenging enough AI, they just might have a winner on their hands with Black Sheep.

The game is still early on in development and it's expected to enter the first closed-beta session in South Korea during the first half of 2014. You can check out one more gameplay video teaser for the game below. We'll keep you posted if the game ever decides to breach the West via a North American distribution portal.

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