Adventurers everywhere are being invited to “reclaim the Blood Seal and restore order” in an epic battle against bloodsucking fiends as Blood Knights arrives on the PlayStation Network.

Caught in the mix of that large number of games arriving via PSN yesterday afternoon was a little title by the name of Blood Knights which, if you’re anything like me, flew completely under the radar until it was already upon us. According to the team at Kalypso Media, Blood Knights is all about summoning the toughest warriors in the realm, and then teaming up with said mercenaries in order to obliterate the vampire threat in a cooperative hack-and-slash adventure that’s also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

You can take on the game’s various missions solo, of course, but where’s the fun in that? How does that old saying go? Friends who slay vampires together are…having a lot of fun and likely coated in buckets of blood? Something like that, right?

Anyway, for those of you looking for a throwback to the good old days of arcade beat-em-ups, Blood Knights aims to deliver with a $14.99 price tag in tow.

“Set in a medieval fantasy world, Blood Knights features quick, deadly combat, smart team-work and ferocious cooperative monster slaying,” reads a statement from Kalypso. “The age-old war between humans and vampires is out of control and threatens to plunge the world into the abyss.”

Along with all of that hacking and slashing, Blood Knights boasts RPG elements for both the single and cooperative modes. The story revolves around the Knights Templar and a renowned vampire hunter who is mysteriously bound to the powerful Alysa, a vampire with a mean streak a mile long. The Knights must help this hunter break his blood bond with Alysa in order to wipe vampires out once and for all.

In total, the game offers 160 weapons to utilize and 40 different pieces of armor. If you aren’t playing with a friend, solo adventurers can create two different warriors and swap between them on the fly. There’s also a bunch of fun abilities to unlock, fully voiced cutscenes to watch and dialogue options that can affect the world around you.

Look for Blood Knights on the Xbox 360, PC and, as of yesterday, the PlayStation 3.

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