Gearbox Software is continuing their slow reveal of information about the Mechromancer, a new class being added to Borderlands 2 soon. They've sent out an Echo Log from Gaige the Mechromancer in which she describes her latest invention.

The Youth Science Fair is coming up and Gaige doesn't want to make something predictable like a miniature thermasonic energy reactor. Instead, she's going to create Project DT. It's a robot that will track down schoolyard bullies and beat the crap out of them.

Project DT sounds like the beginnings of Deathtrap, Gaige's robot companion in the game. Deathtrap is her main class "gimmick." He'll race into the fray and draw enemy fire, enabling Gaige to get the drop on them. From the sounds of things, Deathtrap will be able to deal some significant damage on his own, too.

The Mechromancer class will be available for download on October 16th. You need to cough up $10 for the privilege unless you pre-ordered the game.

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