Uprising, the second DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, is now available on the PC and PS3. The DLC introduces a batch of new content for the military shooter's multiplayer.

The big new addition in Uprising is a map called "Mob of the Dead." This map takes players to Alcatraz Prison during the Prohibition Era. Four inmates, played by Hollywood stars like Ray Liotta and Michael Madsen, must escape the prison after it's overrun by zombies. The four will have to fight their way past infected guards and inmates to earn their freedom.

Four maps for competitive play are included in the DLC as well. Players can shoot it out on a Hollywood back lot in "Studio." In "Vertigo," they'll fight on a futuristic high-rise in India. "Magma" is set in a Japanese village during a volcanic eruption. Fans of close-quarters battles will be a fan of "Encore," which takes place at a deserted music festival in London.

Uprising is the second of four map packs planned for Black Ops 2. The first, Revolution, was released earlier this year.

To celebrate the DLC's release, Activision released a behind-the-scenes video for "The Replacers" advertisement. You can check it out above.

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