A new virtual online village for caregivers has come about, allowing those who spend their time taking care of others to not only find a nice little safe haven to have fun but it also aspires to educate and entertain caregivers.

Caregiver Village actually hosts a legit adventure game for those who enjoy character driven 3D mysteries. Similar to any Nancy Drew or Pendulo Studios title, Caregiver Chronicles allows members to participate in the ongoing adventure not only as a pastime but also while learning more about taking better care of those close to them.

As stated in the press notice…
Family caregiving affects over 60 million Americans. With the aging population, and longer, healthier life spans most Americans will become caregivers for a family member at some point in time. Today, that carries with it a nearly 30% increased risk of stroke, double the chronic health care challenge and a 40-70% increased incidence of depression. Since families also provide over 90% of all caregiving services in this country, it is imperative, both on a personal and a social level, to learn how better to support family caregivers.

Well even so, we all know the perfect cure for a downtrodden mood after a stressful day of dealing with someone who requires your constant attention…no, not head-shotting some noob in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, although I’m pretty sure that does help. But playing a game that takes you away from the stress without completely removing you from the necessicity of dealing with those in your care can possibly help you cope with the situation while having some fun at the same time.

What’s more is that Caregiver Village offers complete social networking tools and options, allowing you to connect and share your experiences with others who are also members of the service.

You can learn more about Caregiver Village and Caregiver Chronicles by visiting the Official Website.

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