Sega and Double Fine Productions decided to show off their collaboration The Cave this weekend. A bundle of screenshots introduces many of the diverse playable characters at players' disposal.

The director for The Cave is Ron Gilbert, a designer for Maniac Mansion. The game is similar to Mansion in that players choose a limited number of characters from a larger cast at the beginning of the game. They must then switch between these characters throughout the game, using their unique skills to overcome obstacles.

In The Cave, characters from different time periods and countries come together to explore a vast set of tunnels. Each does so in order to learn some profound truth about themselves. The game is a non-linear 2D experience, similar to a "Metroidvania" game. It's reminiscent of Trine in that you control a trio of characters working together to solve puzzles, and you can have two other players control the other members of the party.

The Cave is due next year. Sega is planning a digital release on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

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