Namco Bandai’s game adaptation of the early 2010 movie blockbuster, Clash of the Titans, has officially gone gold. Whether or not it manages to be any better than its movie counterpart remains to be seen. But no matter what, the game is at least finished on the development side.

According to the press release…
In Clash of the Titans, the battle for dominance between the human race and powerful gods is about to begin. Born of two worlds, Perseus struggles with the realization that Hades has mercilessly destroyed his family. Now on a course of vengeance, Perseus sets out on a mission to vanquish the god of the underworld and must come to terms with his demigod status.

Much like God of War or Dante’s Inferno before it, Clash of the Titans is a hack-and-slash action-adventure game with co-op play, 80 customizable weapons, 80 various monsters and new quest bosses not featured in the movie.

Pre-order bonus content is also available from GameStop for gamers who feel like they need a leg up going into the game. Clash of the Titans is scheduled to release on July 27th for the Xbox 360 and PS3. For more info be sure to hit up the Official Website.

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