The weekly PlayStation Network update has gone live, bringing with it the usual dose of new games, downloadable content, videos, themes and more. Buried amidst all of that content is deep, deep discounts on a pair of wonderful indie titles, Everyday Shooter and Critter Crunch. Both can be your for one week only at the low-low cost of just one buck a pop.

So it turns out that Jon Mak, creator of the musical and beautiful twin-stick shooter, Everyday Shooter, and the folks at Capy are actually good friends. Both developers decided to mark their PSN classics down to just $0.99 this week and, as a result, also put together the above promotional video feautring Mak and Biggs getting in a little jam session. According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, that's actually the guitar Mak used to create the tunes for Everyday Shooter, so take a couple minutes out of your day and enjoy the music.

As pointed out in the linked post, Everyday Shooter and Critter Crunch are markedly different games. ES, as stated above, is a shooter, while Critter Crunch is a puzzle game built in the style of match-three gem breakers, but with all sorts of new twists, interesting mechanics and colors so bright it looks like a rainbow was vomited onto the screen. That's appropriate, as Biggs vomits an actual rainbow during regular gameplay.

Mak and Nathan Vella, of Capy, both provided a little insite into their respective titles. Mak recalls that Everyday Shooter actually first launched about five years ago which, for some reason, is currently serving the purpose of making me feel pretty-dang old. It feels like that game came out two years ago, tops. He discusses how every aspect of the game adds to the song-length levels that made up the experience, a cool mix of music and gameplay that later paved the way for the more recent Sound Shapes, which Mak's Queasy Games had some assistance from Capy to create.

As for the bright and bubbly Critter Crunch, Vella said it was his studio's first console game, launching on PSN back in late 2009.

“Looking back, I can say that Critter Crunch happened because of Everyday Shooter,” Vella said. “Not directly of course, but in a very real, indirect way.”

Vella said watching Mak release Everyday Shooter, another small and slightly bizarre game, on PSN served as an inspiration, as did the game's eventual success.

Well, now these BFFs are sharing the love with gamers everywhere, offering their respective titles for just $1 each. While I'm a huge fan of both games, I can understand that they might not be for everyone. But at just a dollar each, really, what do you have to lose?

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