A game where you fly around as a supernatural, super-powered crow and a game where you fly over water and beat up ninjas with magical kung-fu have both joined Steam's new Greenlight service. What does this mean? It means that if you wanted to play a violent crow or flying kung-fu fighters, now's your chance to upvote these games to appear on Steam's store.

Crow is designed by Sunside Games and the company originally released the game for iOS to little or no fanfare (because let's be honest, if your game isn't Angry Birds or Infinity Blade who really keeps track of mobile games?) but there's a chance that the game featuring the dangerous looking bipedal, endothermic, talon-wielding bird could make a decent splash on the PC thanks to Steam's Greenlight. You can check out a video of the game in action below.

Not to get caught up on the awesome game featuring that kick-butt crow going around handing out butt-whoopings like nobody's business, but we also have Age of Wushu to cover. Now, this game is a really cool MMO almost beyond the simple words of proverbial PR talking points. The real hook is how your character grows and evolves based on the martial arts they learn by visiting various schools.

I'm not really sure what the end-game is like or anything but the fighting looks sexier than any other martial arts-based MMO out there right now and the character customization and visuals are pretty spiffy if I must say so myself. Of course, there's no real point in trying to convince you of the game's uberness without video footage, so check it out below.

If that got your blood pumping and your interest-neurons firing all kinds of positive signals to make those dents in the lower part of your face form a half-circle resembling something along the lines of a smile, then you'll probably want to throw a vote the way of Snail Games on the official Steam Greenlight Page. Oh yeah and don't forget about Crow, which you can also vote for on its official Greenlight Page.

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