Anime fans with a PlayStation Vita in their pocket have reason to celebrate today as it was announced during the Anime Expo 2013 Crunchyroll panel that the subscription-based streaming service will soon be making its way to Sony's portable console.

Back in my day, if we wanted to watch anime, we has to tune in to something like Toonami in the afternoons in hopes of catching one of the 1,562 episodes of Dragonball Z or perhaps a limited run of something like Blue Sub 6. Nowadays, you youngsters have the world at your fingertips thanks to the wonders of the internet.

Crunchyroll is one such wonder, giving subscribers access to a massive library of archived anime, as well as ongoing series. The coolest part is that the Crunchyroll staff handle their own translations and even offer Simulcasts of a large number of shows, airing brand new episodes of subtitled anime within days or even hours of the original showing in Japan.

The recently begun summer season, for instance, currently offers a trio of new archive titles for viewers to enjoy, 10 continuing series and 25 shows that are debuting this season. And that's only the shows that have been announced for summer 2013 so far, including the newest additions to the roster like Sunday Without God and Silver Spoon, which comes from the creator of Full Metal Alchemist.

Crunchyroll cost about $7 a month for the Prime membership, which gives you access to the full library and earliest screenings. The one subscription gives you all of the perks on the PC, as well as consoles like the PlayStation 3 and, as was announced today, the Vita. There's also drama subscription for the same price, or you can bundle anime and drama together at a discount. The drama section works just like the anime section, offering a big backlog of older titles, as well as simulcast episodes of brand new offerings.

“Details regarding launch date and specs are still forthcoming, but rest assured, those of you who have been demanding Crunchyroll's ever-growing library of anime and drama on your Vita...Rejoice. Relief is on the way.

Until then, why not check out additional trailers for some of the new summer shows, Dog and Scissors and The Eccentric Family?

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