Not to be confused with GameHi's Unreal Engine 3-powered, free-to-play MMO shooter game, Project E, this new Asian-fantasy game is being published by NHN and runs on CryEngine 2 tech. Let the battle of the new-generation game engines begin!

Codenamed Project E:st, the game is a fantasy, Asian-themed MMORPG that’s scheduled to hit closed-beta in Korea soon and will be released globally later in the year.

According to Wook Jeong, Hangame CEO at NHN Corporation…
"The project name, E:st, was selected to show the commitment between NHN Corporation and Polygon Games to develop the best Asia fantasy game," says. "We believe that the high graphical quality realized with CryENGINE 2, coupled with an immersive storyline, will strongly appeal to gamers."

The game looks pretty darn good to be an MMO. Though I would be hard pressed to say if it’s on par with Blade & Soul or TERA Online. Nevertheless, gamers can check out E:st with the new debut trailer below or learn more by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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