Looks like the nominees list for the coolest game trailers of 2012 is about to start filling up pretty quick if more trailers are as cool as the launch trailer for The Darkness II. 2K Games released the official launch trailer for the game, which is due out in just over two weeks and while it's all cinematic it's still really, really cool.

Most of what's featured in the trailer is actually doable in the game: grabbing foes using the darkness, having the demon gremlins attack opponents, dual-wielding guns and blazing a path through a bunch of opponents. Yep, it's all doable.

I'm most interested in the creepy looking guy with the melted face, though. The trailer does a good job of setting this guy up to be a menacing foe. I hope the final game doesn't disappoint with this aspect of the story because so far all the gameplay trailers have showcased the game to be extremely easy with Jacky boy easily and effectively dismembering and disemboweling foes without much of any effort. Hopefully the melty-face man will be a bit more of a challenge or at least give the game some much needed depth from the antagonist perspective.

You can look for The Darkness II to launch on February 7th for the Xbox 360, PC and PS3. For more info on the game be sure to pay a kind visit to the Official Website.

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