Remember the few developers who had been imprisoned in Greece over espionage chargers? Those developers who were helping Dean “Rocket” Hall on the development of the DayZ standalone? Well, one of them has finally stepped in front of the camera to talk about the map design for the standalone of DayZ as well as a few other things.

Map designer Ivan Buchta talks openly and honestly about the progress of the DayZ game and some of the changes between working on Arma II to advancing to working on an updated, advanced, more interactive Cherno in the upcoming standalone of DayZ.

I'll admit, it's a little difficult trying to get around some of the explanations for what's happening with the map and the designs.

The video is more like a “Hey, we're still alive” sort of thing rather than an in-depth, informational look at the progress of DayZ. Also, they don't need to really do much but keep the game recognizable in the gaming community until they decide to release the public alpha, which is scheduled to happen as soon as this June.

I honestly can't wait to hop back into the game and start surviving once more. If you're as excited as the rest of the DayZ survivors about this highly anticipated and long awaited release to the popular mod that took the gaming nation by storm in 2012, feel free to check out the official Tumblr to keep up to date on all things DayZ.

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