Puzzle platformer de Blob racked up impressive sales for a third-party Wii game. THQ CEO Brian Farrell hopes the sequel will be successful on other platforms as well.

"Well, de Blob started its life on Wii. We've not announced anything yet, but obviously with a great brand like that -- people love that character -- taking it to other platforms, the game mechanic can be done," Farrell said in an IGN interview. "Actually, I prefer it on a normal controller. We'll be branching it out to other platforms -- that's a great brand to build."

There was no mention of what other platforms we could see de Blob spread to, though. During the THQ's third quarter conference call earlier in the month, Farrell had stated that another de Blob game would arrive during the next fiscal year. THQ's 2011 fiscal year runs from April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011.

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