Today marked the PSN release of action RPG DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue. The game will makes its Xbox Live Arcade debut on Wednesday.

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue is a sequel to DeathSpank, released back in July. The titular hero must destroy six magical thongs that have corrupted their wearers. Thongs introduces environments not seen in the original game as well as modern/sci-fi weapons and enemies. The local co-op features a new playable sidekick, "Ninjatastic Steve."

If you pony up the 1200 MS Points (or $15) for the full game this week, you'll get free DLC. Specifically, you'll get a Snowy Mountain Dungeon and an ogre sidekick named Tankko for co-op. The free DLC period runs from September 22-28 on Xbox Live Arcade. On PSN, it varies depending on when the game is released in your region; it'll either be September 20-27 or 22-28. If you miss out on this promo, you'll need to pay 240 MS Points ($3) for the Snowy Mountain DLC and 80 MS Points ($1) for Tankko.

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