Dishonored will make its debut Tuesday and the embargo on reviews will end tomorrow. However, a couple early reviews have already gone live and they suggest this assassination game might be the sleeper hit of this holiday season.

In Dishonored, players take on the role of Corvo. Corvo was the bodyguard of the Empress until she was murdered. He was then framed for the crime and imprisoned. However, a supernatural being has granted him magical powers that allow him to escape and get his revenge.

The key feature of the game is player choice. Corvo has a wide variety of weapons, equipment and powers at his disposal. It's up to players to decide what tools to use in order to complete missions. Furthermore, you can choose whether to be violent or not. In Shacknews' review, the writer said that he started out playing non-violent but by the end became a murderer because he was turned into a reckless murderer by the story.

"About half-way through the story, I was leaving bodies everywhere, and I knew I was making things more difficult for myself, but I didn't care," said the review. "The story that Arkane has crafted – with various twists that constantly had me on my guard – had me so invested in saving the Empress's daughter that I cared about nothing else, or anyone that stood in my way, friend or foe."

CVG's review, meanwhile, praised the depth of the game. They say that Dishonored has plenty of action but it hasn't been dumbed down. Patient gamers who like to explore the world will be rewarded for doing so.

Both of the reviews end on very glowing notes. CVG calls it a " once-in-a-generation sort of game" and a "real epic." Shack's reviewer says he was "emotionally exhausted" and "stunned" by the end, and that the game is "role-playing at its story-driven finest."

If you're still on the fence about the game, don't worry. There will be plenty of reviews, including ours, coming out this week to help you make an informed decision. Dishonored's North American release date is October 9th. Europe will have to wait until October 11th.

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