Best Buy, Amazon and GameStop are all offering different pre-order bonuses for DmC, the upcoming reboot of Devil May Cry. Three new trailers provide you a glimpse at each of these exclusive extras.

All three retailers are offering weapons skins. Amazon will provide DLC that gives Dante's items a bone-like appearance. Best Buy promises to make the weapons solid gold. GameStop, meanwhile, will provide some Samurai style to Dante's equipment.

Each retailer also has a different secondary bonus for pre-order customers. GameStop offers bonus upgrade points for the game's character progression. An Item Finder will help Best Buy customers track down hidden treasure. The Orb Harvester offered by Amazon will let you upgrade weapons and combos faster.

None of the bonuses are really vital to your DmC experience. That's not a bad thing, though. Underwhelming pre-order DLC is preferable to say, desirable DLC that gets split between several retailers. Gamers who can buy DmC wherever they want without worrying about missing out on something.

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